China Inside


China-Inside offers flexible Chinese language courses on different levels, both groups lessons and individual lessons.

Our group classes take place frm Monday to Friday, mostly in the morning. Our groups are small with a maximum of 8 participants.

We offer standard grouplessons on four levels: starter, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Before starting a course, every new student makes a test to determine his or her level of Chinese. These results, combined with the student's individual goals and expectations, determine the course level of the student.

Our teacher are specialized in teaching foreign students. We use interactive, modern teaching methods and practical themes during our courses. This way, you'll soon notice that your Chinese language proficiency will improve very fast.

The standard program consists of 4 hours (50 minutes) of class each day (20 hours per week). This way you have plenty of opportunities during the week and the weekends to follow workshops, participate in our cultural program or to explore the city.

There are also extensive courses of 25 or 30 hours per week. The extra hours will take place in the afternoon.

For students who want to participate in the HSK-examination, we have special HSK-training lessons.

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